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22-28 May is European Mental Health Week!

Raising awareness on taking care of your mental health, this year Mental Health Europe launches an online campaign!

At work, at school, at social gatherings, taking care of our mental health is fundamental to build a happy and thriving society. Each year Mental Health Europe (MHE) celebrates the European Mental Health Week, with a special focus on one key area of mental health. 

This year MHE is raising awareness on managing mental health in communities. This means being able to talk about mental well-being and the importance of nurturing our mental health more openly and freely amongst our peers in school; colleagues at work; and parents at home. De-stigmatising the conversation and creating an environment where people can express how they are currently in a difficult phase, etc. 

Falling on 22nd-28th May, MHE is raising awareness online by hosting a variety of webinars and sharing stories of people who faced mental health issues and how they dealt with it. This 4th edition of their online campaign also focuses on the need for taking action to improve mental health. 

Know more about the campaign here.