Innovation Awards 2024

In 2024 we launched the EASPD Innovation Awards to highlight noteworthy practices that support individuals with mental health conditions and psychosocial disabilities. These practices aim to provide individuals with equal opportunities to live independently and participate in the community through ways such as gaining employment and having access to education and training, and many others.

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EASPD Innovation Awards 2024

Inclusive Living

The 'Move on Project' is a two-year programme of community-based rehabilitation for people with mental health conditions to adopt a person...

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Capacity building

#ParentsToParents is a support network in Slovakia where parents of children with disabilities provide counselling to other parents based on...

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GABLAB is a real-life setting lab that helps to understand situations faced by people with disabilities. It fosters co-creation, innovation and...

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The Professional Development/Employment programme gives additional educational support to young adults with intellectual disabilities who mainly...

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The caregiving project focusses on pre-vocational training that is given to those undergoing treatment in mental health rehabilitation units in...

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