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Technology and digitalisation in the social care sector, October 2018, Barcelona Spain

The main aim of the conference is to look at the how technology and digital solutions impact the social care sector. By bringing together service providers for persons with disabilities and technology business providers, participants will get an insight of the available promising practices and key factors in the design and adoption of person-centred technology products and services. Participants will also have an understanding of the main barriers and obstacles that need to be overcome for a full deployment of technology in care and supports services, as well as an overview of legal and ethical frameworks that facilitate the use of person-centred technology in the sector.



  • Technology, disability and social care services
  • The impact of technology in social care
  • Exploring legal and ethical frameworks
  • Next steps towards digital inclusion
  • Applying technology to service provision
  • Economic sustainability of PCT service delivery
  • Accessibility as a business factor
  • Keynotes for person-centered technology