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LADAPT hosts webinar on the role of job coaches in supported employment

LADAPT will host a webinar during the European Disability Employment Week to discuss the challenges faced by job coaches and how COVID-19 impacted this role.

Job coaches play a crucial role in the professional life of people with disabilities. Their support and guidance are needed for people with support needs to recognise their potential. But, is their role sufficiently recognised? Furthermore, how did COVID-19 and the shift to teleworking, impact this role of job coaches?

These questions will be the central topic of the webinar, “Job Coaches in Supported Employment: innovative approaches” taking place on Wednesday 16th November from 10:00 to 11:30 CET. Organised during the European Disability Employment Week, the webinar will address the working methods, opportunities and perspectives of a job coach as well.

Speakers will include experts in the field of social and professional integration of people with disabilities, who will exchange good practices in the role of the job coaches between different European countries.

The webinar will be in French and English and live translation and captioning in both languages will be provided. You can find more information on the LADAPT's website.

Link for registration: