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European Social Services Awards 2024

People sit in an auditorium watching an awards ceremony. There are people on the stage and gold confetti.

The European Social Network is organising its annual awards to acknowledge outstanding achievements in social services.

The annual European Social Services Awards (ESSA), organised by the European Social Network, acknowledges outstanding achievements in social services. It highlights successful new approaches and the extraordinary ongoing work of public social services managers, funders, planners, providers, and deliverers. The 2024 Awards theme is “Promoting Inclusive Communities" and applications for the 2024 edition are still open!

⬧ Does your organisation work on making your community more inclusive?

⬧ Is your project innovative?

⬧ Does your project positively impact its beneficiaries and/or the local community?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then your organisation could apply for the 2024 European Social Services Awards! You can apply in the following categories:

• Service Delivery – Social services programmes that foster social inclusion in the community, ensuring that persons in vulnerable situations are supported and fully included, responding to their unique needs and preferences.

• Workforce Support – Social services or social care teams that have positively impacted their workforce and empowered neighbourhood networks to support the provision of community-centred care.

• Collaborative Practice – Co-creation and collaborative approaches that ensure all relevant stakeholders in the community are represented and included in decision-making processes in the development and delivery of social programmes.

• Research and Evaluation – Research that contributed to developing evidence-based inclusive community and neighbourhood services and programmes.

• Digital transformation – Advancements in technology and digital improvements that promote inclusion in communities, but also the availability and accessibility of digital tools, relevant services, training for digital literacy, ensuring everyone’s digital inclusion.

• Excellence in Communities – Organisations that are outstanding in crafting inclusive and resilient neighbourhoods and communities, ensuring that all residents’ rights, choices, and independence are valued and respected.

All organisations applying for the Awards will also be considered for the Excellence in Communities Award. Apply by 12 July 2024 at 12.00 midday.

Visit the Awards website for more information on the theme, categories, and how to apply. Applications will be shortlisted by our expert judging panel. Shortlisted applications will be put to a public vote at the end of September. The winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on 4-5 November in Lisbon, Portugal. For questions, contact essa@esn-eu.org.