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Early childhood intervention: what did we discuss in Albania?

ECI conference logo and logos of EASPD and UNICEF along with text: Family centred Early Childhood Intervention: How to make it work.

EASPD and UNICEF give some conclusions from the Albania conference on Family-centred Early Childhood Intervention.

This year, EASPD took the conversation on Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) forward in Albania with Down Syndrome Albania, Help the Life Association and UNICEF. It was important to not only talk about ECI but also focus on how a holistic, family-centred approach is the way to go. 

The event also highlighted the results of the EASPD-UNICEF cooperation to develop emergency Early Childhood Development (ECD) actions to support young children at risk of or with developmental difficulties affected by the Ukraine war. The Conference was organised within the project “Emergency Early Childhood Development Support for Ukrainian Refugees” implemented by EASPD in partnership with UNICEF and with support from the U. S. Government. 

A running theme of the conlusions is the fact that systemic change is needed for family-centred ECI to become a reality. Holistic services, which look into each aspect of a child's life growing up, is one of the most effecient ways of achieving high-quality ECI services.

Read more about the conclusions here.