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DDS-MAP project partners meet in Riga

The DDS-MAP partners recently met up at RSU Redcross Medical College, Riga campus for a project meeting

The DDS-MAP project aims to develop new training methods for healthcare professionals in the EU, focused on the development of new digital technologies in the delivery of care services. The partners recently met at RSU Redcross Medical College, Riga campus for a project meeting.  They shared updates on project management and discussed the results of the Pan European survey conducted between November 2023 and January 2024. Preparation is underway to publish scientific articles to share the results with everyone.

The partners shared updates on the progress of different tasks like current evaluation of the Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR) platform. The AR and VR platform showcases a hospital, with the aim of demonstrating practical scenarios of the workspace for doctors and nurses. They also held an interactive session on the use of the micro-credentials approach for certifications. Micro-credentials are short term courses or certifications which give specific knowledge and skills in different areas. During the session they gave the current state of play of the EU level micro-credentials structure and its adaptation in different member states.

The partners also attended an event hosted on the RSU campus. The event informed the local healthcare managers, nurses, students and professionals about the pan-European survey findings on digital skills, needs and gaps. The survey identified the gaps in skills of healthcare professionals in 4 key areas:

  • Digital competence
  • Heartcare implementation
  • Current and emerging healthcare issues
  • Wellbeing

The event also included a demonstration of the early versions of the project’s training modules, followed by a Q&A session. The training modules were on 4 different topics:

  • Digital Competency
  • Current and Emerging Issues in Healthcare
  • Digital healthcare implementation
  • Train the trainers to develop personal well-being

During the event, there was also a presentation on the necessary assessment for hospitals and healthcare providers to identify areas to tackle cybersecurity risks. Next steps involve developing an open-source Moodle platform for skills training and creating country-level micro-credential structures for course certification for healthcare professionals.