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Calling all medical and allied professionals across the EU!

The DDS-MAP project is conducting an EU-wide survey of healthcare workers which will inform the development of its modules and resources.

The EU4Health project DDS-MAP  is conducting an EU-wide survey of healthcare workers covering topics like digital skills, digital healthcare implementation, current and emerging issues and wellbeing which will inform the development of DDS-MAP modules and resources. The survey will inform the project partners about the current needs and skill gaps of healthcare and allied professionals. Later on, this information will help design the skills development training modules.

You can contribute by filling in a short anonymous survey and helping us identify the future skills of medical and allied professionals across the European Union.

Fill in the survey here.

The survey is open to everyone, regardless of their level of expertise. It may take about 12 minutes to complete, and all responses are anonymous.

Please take the survey today and help us to shape the future of skills in the healthcare sector!


The DDS-MAP program (Dynamic Digital Skills for Agility and Resilience in Medical and Allied Professions) is designed to tackle the organisational and human challenges that come with the widespread use of digital and electronic technologies in the multi-disciplinary healthcare setting across the EU, fostering agility and resilience in medical and allied professions.

The program is aimed at healthcare professionals (specialised doctors who work in the hospital services, nurses, non-clinical workforce - including professionals that work in allied healthcare NGOs).

The program’s hopes and objectives are to provide knowledge and skills to the health workforce and empower individuals to navigate the significant complexities brought about by the growth of digital healthcare technologies and information systems.

There is a particular emphasis to topics such as emerging healthcare challenges, cyber security concerns, and the development of resilience on both organisational and personal levels.