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Call for youth workers to answer a survey!

Contribute and find out more about the GIAFF4ID project on Sexual Education and Affectivity in Young Persons with Intellectual Disabilities.

The GIAFF4ID project  is a partnership between EASPD and 5 other organizations. The National Association of Resource Teachers (Bulgaria), Centro di Ricerche e Studi Europei – Future Business (CRES) (Italy), Associacio Programs Educatius- Open Europe (Spain), Zihinsel Yetersiz Cocuklari Yetistirme Ve Koruma Vakfi (ZICEV) (Turkey), and Eyropaiko Institoyto Topikhs Anaptykshs (Greece).

The project aims to break down stereotypes about sexual education and affectivity in Young Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (YPWIDs) through the development of a game-based learning approach. The project began in October 2022 and will be running until November 2024.

The games will focus on various themes connected to a variety of sexual education topics, such as consent, health practices, emotions and affectivity, and physical changes. Through this project EASPD and its partners hope to contribute to dismantling existing barriers around sexual education, and to empower YPWIDs to make decisions concerning how they relate to their bodies and emotions independently.

This is where we need your help!
To ensure that EASPD and its partners are addressing the needs of youth workers to be able to provide a relevant Sexual and Affectivity Education, it is critical to be aware of their perception and insights. In order to do that we would like to collaborate with organizations that have experience working with YPWIDs and can assist us in this task. The partnership is looking for youth workers to answer a set of 10 questions asking about their experience and challenges in this area. 

The questions are available in English and in French, and the questionnaire remains anonymous! The  information will be solely used for research purposes. The survey should take about 10 minutes on average, depending on the length of your answers.

If you’re a youth worker, and have a few minutes to spare, we would appreciate your input into making sure the GIAFF4ID project runs smoothly and takes the needs of other youth workers such as yourself into account!

You can complete the survey in the link below.

Questionnaire to Service Providers - GIAFF4ID project / Questionnaire aux prestataires de services