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Behind the lens: Creating and marketing videos for NGOs

EASPD is hosting an event for the communication network on how to create and disseminate videos for NGOs.

Videos are an excellent medium to engage with audiences online. They are interactive and attention grabbing. With social media almost flooded with 10 second reels, and extremely short video clips, how do we make longer videos work for us? Along with understanding how to make good content, it is important to shed light on a well laid out marketing strategy for good outreach.


EASPD is hosting an event for our communications network on 30th November to give insights on the crucial role that marketing and creation play in making a video. The event will take place in Brussels and will be followed by a screening of the documentary, Ukraine-Paused Reforms, addresses the realities of people with disabilities who have been forced to remain in Ukraine since the outbreak of the war and explores the country’s current path towards de-institutionalisation. Know more about the Ukraine documentary event here.

NGOs and not-for-profit organisations are often hindered by a lack of funding and staff to be able to achieve this. Therefore, this workshop will try to empower NGOs to create and market their videos in-house. Focusing on storytelling through videos, we hope that members of the Communications Network can learn from this workshop.

EASPD’s Communications Network represents a diverse group of communication professionals who are working to raise awareness for the importance of high-quality support services for persons with disabilities. These professionals also work towards expanding the outreach of the work their organisations do to empower persons with disabilities on a daily basis. 

To support member participation at this event EASPD is offering 15 grants of up to €400 to cover travel and subsistence cost. The grants will be based on the real costs that you incur during your trip. 

To be eligible for this grant you must

  • Attend the documentary screening of  'Ukraine-Paused Reforms' on 30th November at 14h00 CET in Brussels after the workshop. 
  • Promote the Ukraine-Paused Reforms documentary through your social media channels. 
  • Join or be a member of the Communications Network.

If you wish to apply for a grant, please register here by Sunday 20th November. You will be sent a confirmation email by Wednesday 21st November in order to inform you if you have been selected for this grant.

Please note that this event is for EASPD members only. For more information please contact Tavishi Rekhi, Communications Officer.





Welcome and introduction  

  • Tavishi Rekhi, EASPD 


Strategic online video creation for NGOs

  • Lars Grote, Shift VideoProductions

10:40- 10:50


10:50- 11:20

Coffee Break


Creating videos: A case study 

  • Kitty Traecy, Ategi