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The Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe welcomes EASPD to their 17th International Conference

AAATE's 2023 conference will address a wide range of broad and in-depth issues related to technology and disability.

A child wearing a cochlear implants smiles.

It is difficult to talk about technological advancements without addressing the possibilities it opens up within the field of disability, as the rapidly evolving technological landscape continues to change the way services are delivered. This connection between technology and disability is the focus of the Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe's (AAATE) 17th International Conference, with EASPD being welcomed as a collaborating organisation, among many others.

The conference, which will take place in Paris from from 30th August to 1st September (with 28th and 29th August set as pre-conference dates), will address a wide range of issues related to technology and disability. High on the agenda are technological developments in Assistive Technology (AT), assistive robotics, digital and connected health, and virtual and augmented reality, as well as the ethical implications of these new possibilities, such as data privacy and self-determination of persons with disabilities and older people using these  technologies.

The conference will also have a wider societal focus, in order to discuss the impact of societal changes that make AT increasingly relevant and necessary, explore issues related to AT and education, employment, service delivery, political participation, and address the need to provide wider access to AT on a global scale.

The AAATE 2023 conference is a great opportunity to get a broad and in-depth picture of new technological developments, research outcomes, and their impact on Assistive Technology and accessibility. It is the platform for researchers, practitioners, expert AT users, as well as other stakeholders to share their work and present in front of an international expert community. For professionals working with AT, it is also a three-day master class to learn about the newest trends in both solutions and service delivery. The conference is also a space dedicated to a wide discussion on AT, involving researchers, developers, manufacturers, practitioners, AT users, and policymakers working together, so that the field continues to evolve and contribute to enhancing the lives of persons with disabilities.

With EASPD joining as a collaborating organisation, members of EASPD now have the same benefits as AAATE members and are invited to report about their findings, projects and services.

To learn more about, and register for, the conference, please visit AAATE's conference website, and check out their policy sessions!


The conference will be hosted by University Paris 8-Vincennes-Saint-Denis at the “Centre de Colloques” of Campus Condorcet, supported by IFRATH (French Federative Institute for Research on Assistive Technologies).