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Making e-learning inclusive in times of crisis!

ACCESSIBILITECH is hosting a webinar to raise more awareness of the challenges and opportunities that e-learning poses for students with disabilities and how the user-centred design of eLearning solutions can help in crisis situations.

Digital learning has fast become the need of the hour. It has become absolutely necessary to ensure provision of high-quality digital learning materials and content in an effective, attractive and engaging way. In this journey of providing good quality digital content, it is important that the whole digital education experience is inclusive, accessible and easy to understand and use by all students, regardless of their abilities, digital readiness and cultural background.

ACCESSIBILITECH is organising an online workshop on 30th March, 10:00-11:30 CEST focusing on the accessibility of eLearning solutions. The workshop will help in understanding the various struggles students with disabilities are currently facing when interacting with e-learning material.

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The workshop further looks into how the EU approaches e-learning in terms of regulations and policies. The event also gives perspective with respect to the COVID-19 situation and how it has impacted the way we perceive e-learning. During the course of the event, the speakers will also provide solutions to the various challenges to making e-learning inclusive.