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Knowledge Café: Education and quality of life for students with disabilities

Its back to school season! Join us on 26th October to learn more about inclusive education and how to scale up the Quality of Life Index for Inclusive Education.

The 2022 Autumn Knowledge Café is open to all participants who wish to learn more about innovative initiatives in the field of inclusive education. In particular, we will present a study undertaken by the Salamanca University INICO department. It provides tools for the scaling up of the Quality of Life Index for Inclusive Education that measure the impact of inclusive education in the quality of life of students with intellectual disabilities and was developed and tested in Spain. We will also learn about the perspectives of service users, service providers, and European organisations, before opening the floor for questions and discussions.


Draft Agenda




Inés Guerrero (Plena Inclusion)

Service user’s perspective on why participation in mainstream education is important?

Teté el Azhari (Plena Inclusion)

Researchers’ presentation of study on Quality of Life Index

Antonio M. Amor González & Miguel Ángel Verdugo (University of Salamanca)

Service provider’s presentation of the J’ai pas école campaign  

Sonia Ahehinnou (UNAPEI) 

European organisation’s state of play for inclusion of Persons with Intellectual disabilities in Education

Helen Portal (Inclusion Europe)

Q&A Session