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Communications network webinar on online fundraising

Hear from a Digital Fundraising Specialist on the various tools that Facebook can provide for online fundraising.

EASPD is hosting a second communications network event this year on 7th December 2021 from 11h00-12h15. The webinar is going to help communications officers to better understand the world of online fundraising and how non-profit organisations can benefit from tools available online to raise funds. 

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Marco Kuntze, a Resource Alliance Board Member and Digital Fundraising Specialist from Relishing Digital will give a talk on the various tools that Facebook can provide for online fundraising. This is an opportunity to look at the potential of social media and how we can utilise it to our benefit. 

Rory Maclean from Givergy will give a talk on his experience with online fundraising. 

The previous communications network held earlier this year in October shed light on how we can use social media in a more systematic manner in the post COVID-19 scenario. The online fundraising webinar takes the discussions forward by shedding light on how we can use social media not only to present our work out there but also to attract other organisations and individuals as an attempt to gather funds for the work we do. 

Since COVID-19 shifted most of our work online, it is important to discuss our own experiences and learn from the possibilities that online platforms present to us today.   

The online event is a part of EASPD’s communications network and can be attended by EASPD member organisations only. For further information please contact, Rachel Vaughan, Head of Operations, EASPD.