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EURECO Forum 2022

On 24th-25th March, the EURECO forum is coming together to discuss the quality assurance debate on practice of service delivery in disability services.

In a constantly changing world, it is important to occasionally look back and evaluate our methods to ensure our ways have not become outdated.  

In this spirit, the EURECO Forum is coming together on 24-25th March to discuss the first quality assurance debate on the practice of providing services to people with disabilities, alongside understanding what can be learnt to better these services.  


The two-day event will take place at Le Chatelain, Brussels where the will Forum will identify commonalities and differences between the former quality assurance debate and the more recent discussion on effectiveness and outcome measurement of services for people with disabilities.  

The forum will discuss topics such as the existing quality frameworks for support services along with the role of the EU when it comes to policies surrounding these social services.