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EQUALvet project concludes with an online conference!

The final conference of the EQUALvet project will take place on 15th November 2022.

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After three years of successful initiatives in the field of vocational training for people with intellectual disabilities, the EQUALvet project is now coming to an end. The final conference will take place online on Tuesday 15th November, from 10h00 to 12h00 CET.

During the event, the development of a vocational training program will be presented, including how the project met the requirements of accreditation agencies, to ensure proper certification of participants' professional skills.

Project’s partners in Greece, Spain and Portugal will provide more information about internships, trainings and evaluations conducted in their organisations. They will also offer a better understanding of the evaluation and certification procedure set up in the EQUALvet project.


Welcome and Introduction  

Sophia Karagouni, MARGARITA


EQUALvet pilot activities

  • Betty Champidi, MARGARITA
  • João Canossa Dias, ARCIL
  • Maria Prats, Fundació Ramon Noguera

What do participants think of EQUALvet training? Views of participants with intellectual disabilities and support professionals

Judit Fullana Noell, Group of Research on Diversity, Institute of Educational Research, Universitat de Girona


How did the evaluation and certification procedure take place? From the research and interview with employers to the creation of schemes 

Kalliopi Zourzouki, TÜV Hellas


Policy recommendations at European level 

Renaud Scheuer, EASPD


Supported Apprentice Scheme: presentation of the project

 Orane Jouanneau, LADAPT


Questions and Answers - Facilitated by Sophia Karagouni, MARGARITA


Concluding remarks: key messages and next steps

Sophia Karagouni, MARGARITA