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Contribute to ACCESSIBILITECH project's mapping tool for best practices in telework, telecare and e-learning!

ACCESSIBILITECH is developing a mapping tool to bring together the best practices in teleworking, telecare and e-learning.

We have moved ahead with time where working, learning and receiving healthcare online has become a possibility.  We are now equipped with the digital tools that are needed to ensure that we can receive such services online from the comfort of our homes. In order to embrace this change in its full capacity, it is important for us to bear in mind the challenges that can be faced by people with disabilities. 

The digital divide is an absolute reality, and we need to deal with it first-hand. The Accessibiltech project funded by the European Union is creating a mapping tool that serves as a database which stores best practices and solutions in teleworking, telecare and e-learning from experiences of others.  The mapping tool will be launched online at the beginning of 2022 on the ACCESSIBILITECH website. Till then, the project is open to taking suggestions and solutions for online functioning for the purpose of teleworking, telecare and e-learning.  

To submit your suggestions, click here ->Atech: New project ( 

To learn more about the mapping tool, click here ACCESSIBLE SOLUTIONĀ“S FORM 

This mapping tool is a system that gathers accessible and inclusive technological solutions, at all levels of maturity, with potential to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. It will offer a reliable source of information on accessible technologies for persons with disabilities. The tool is updated with information provided by organisations and individuals.  

To ensure that we all are able to move forward and make these online facilities inclusive it is important that we share our experiences and practices. In this manner we leave no one behind and achieve a more inclusive method of receiving the benefits of teleworking, telecare and e-learning.  

ACCESIBILITECH (Advanced Methodologies to Identify, Assess and Transfer Innovative Solutions for the Accessibility of People with Disability) has among its main objectives to define, validate and implement an advanced methodology (manual and semi-automatic) to identify, analyse, disseminate and transfer experiences and innovative solutions that use technology to guarantee accessibility.