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Best wishes for 2019

We hope you could enjoy a well-deserved break and celebrate with family and friends! The new year has now started, and the memories of the winter celebrations are already fading in the background. It already promises to be a critical year for all of us!

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Job Opportunity! Can you help Gragger & Cie to take the next step?

Gragger & Cie, social business in Austria, is looking for a new manager who can help them to manage and open two new bakeries in Senegal, Africa.

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​New Project on the future of Personal and Household Services!

The project’s consortium kicked-off the project on 9th-10th of January with a meeting in Brussels.

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International Foundation of Applied Disability Research- Call for projects 2019

The International Foundation of Applied Disability Research (FIRAH), together with its partners, has launched several calls for projects on applied research on disability.

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Dernières publications

Newsletter: "Rejoignez-nous dans le voyage ! 20 ans sur la route"

EASPD a produit la newsletter "Rejoignez-nous dans le voyage ! 20 ans sur la route" à l'occasion de son 20e anniversaire. Cette publication résume les étapes des 20 dernières années, tout en regardant les futurs défis pour les années à venir pour atteindre des services d'accompagnement de haute qualité pour les personnes handicapées en Europe.

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Communiqués de presse


European Pillar of Social Rights holds the key to achieving Annual Growth Survey’s priorities.


Four steps to make InvestEU a success for Social Infrastructure Investment


If the next EU budget is to deliver on the issues that matter most to Europeans it must focus on high-quality in support and social care services.