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We are ready to have our say on the EU Multiannual Financial Framework

The European Commission’s Proposal on the Multiannual Financial Framework follows months of consultations, meetings and the adoption of positions to feed the debate.
For EASPD, like for many others, dialogue with the EU institutions is essential and our interaction with them will shape our future work. As we prepare for the next round for discussion on the next MFF, this need for dialogue and debate is even more crucial and EASPD wants to be sure that supporting a more social, inclusive and cohesive Europe remains high on the agenda.
Our MFF position, adopted in consultation with our members, includes in essence 3 messages:
Firstly, the social services sector needs the support of the European Union both in terms of funding and sound policy structures. This is a key moment for Europe to show how it can connect its reinvigorated social ambitions with adequate tools, delivering quality outcomes for all. It is time to see how the Social Pillar is implemented and how services can contribute to its achievement.
Secondly, support services have proved to be allies in the creation of inclusive societies. They are catalysts of social innovation and the backbones of crisis and emergency situations. But mostly, they provide a space for individual growth, empowerment and wellbeing. Their recognition as key stakeholders can only happen through adequate legislative mechanisms that allow their participation and facilitate their uptake of EU funds.
Last, but not least, the future of the current generation will necessarily depend on the accessibility, availability, affordability and adaptability of support services within their communities. The investment in research, innovation and digitalization will not achieve its full potential if staff-related issues are not taken on board. The sector is under pressing need for renovation and recognition, therefore trainings of staff, re-organisation of job profiles and person-centred approaches need to be on the agenda.
EASPD is looking forward to jumping into the core of the MFF negotiations and we are ready to have our say on this.

Sabrina Ferraina,
EASPD Policy Manager