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Learn about Nexem, a EASPD member in France

Nexem, a new french organisation representing employers from the social services’ sector has been created.
Since 1st January 2017, Nexem has become the main network representing employers from the non-profit social services’ sector in France. The organisation intends to contribute to the development of public policies in order to best respond to the changing needs of the sector.
The new organisation is committed to the values of its two founding organisations, Fegapei and Syneas, in favour of preserving the quality of services and support for vulnerable people adopting an increasingly inclusive and participatory approach.
A regional, national and European network
Working at regional level, Nexem's members have regular contacts with regional health agencies (ARS), departmental and regional councils.
At national level, Nexem is actively engaged with numerous working groups and boards.
At European level, Nexem is a member of EASPD and of the Center of Employers and Enterprises Providing Public Services (CEEP).
With the experience of its members and its network, Nexem intends to further the dialogue with legislator, government, central and local administrations to participate in the development of public policies affecting the sector and its members.
Nexem is also, with EASPD, a partner in the PESSISIII project which focuses on the creation of a European network representing employers in the social services sector. It ensures that social services’ employers become recognised as social partners at European level, take part in the European Social Dialogue and participate in the development of European policies.
Key numbers
10.000 service providers
300.000 employees
5 sectors: persons with disabilities, childhood protection, social inclusion, older people and health.
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