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EMISC Project - CECD Mira Sintra’s Multiplier Event in Portugal

CECD Mira Sintra hosted the first Multiplier Event of the European Mentoring in Social Care – EMISC Project on the 2nd of June 2017.
The goals of the event were to raise awareness, recruit more participants for the EMISC Learning Outcomes: the Mentor Training Course and  the Mentor Assessment Tool. Participants gave feedback that
CECD Mira Sintra has been involved in several partnerships and activities from EASPD, such as the European Care Certificate and EMISC . During the event, CECD Mira-Sintra presented not only the EMISC project but also the  European Care Certificate Certification Process.

The event counted with 24 professionals from 13 NGO’s active in social, elderly, mental health and education sector.
During the event, CECD’s senior mentor, mentors and mentees gave testimonies about their experiences during the  EMISC project cycles 1 and 2. The project was very well received by the professionals, with professionals attributing the high level of importance to EMISC's methodology in regard to personal, professional and attitudinal development. Almost all participants stated interest in applying EMISC methodology in their organisations.
The overall conclusion point that EMISC Curriculum strength is its methodology. Being able to introduce, adapt and deliver ECC training to teams that work in mental health was considered a great opportunity. However, the participants identifeid the costs it might involve as a potential bottleneck in implementing the methodology.

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