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Accessible Universities & Inclusive Education Global Congress

The World Disability Union WDU  & World Disability Foundation WDF are organising two events. The events are on accessible tourism and accessible universities & inclusive education. This year, they will be held in Mersin, Turkey on 12-13 May 2018. 

Theme: Travel is right for everyone

Purpose: Our goal is to share the results of Accessible Tourism Global Congress with the whole world and inspire and encourage all the related institutions through good practice examples to increase the participation and inclusion of the people with disabilities into society.

Aim: By the year 2017, Accessible tourism Industry is estimated to have reached over 650 millions in terms of overnight accomodations. We aim to inspire, encourage and promote good applications and practices and spread the UNION Standards around the world to initiate accessible tourism declare for everyone and to contribute to 2023 Tourism strategic plan.

Theme: Education for ALL

Purpose: Our goal is to sharethe results of Accessible University & Inclusive Education Global Congress with the whole world andinspire and encourage all the educational institutions through good practice examples to increase the participation ofthe people with disabilities in education by means of inclusive education.

Aim: The event will present examples, lead implementations, programs, information and documents on accessible universities and inclusive education from the universities in Turkey and throughout the whole world with the aim of encouraging and inspiring and spreading similar practices, and to announce a declaration on inclusive education consensus.

The draft programme for Accessible Tourism here
The draft programme for Accessible Universities & Inclusive Education is available here