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Social Care Workforce in Europe: Needs and Challenges

Mittwoch, Juni 27, 2018 - 13:30 bis 17:00

EASPD is co-organising the event "Social Care Workforce in Europe: Needs and Challenges", which will take place in the European Economic and Social Committee (to be confirmed) in Brussels. The Secretary General of EASPD, Luk Zelderloo, will participate as a speaker.

The event is part of the EMiSC (European Mentoring in Social Care), which aims at contributing to the development of a European Area of Skills and Qualifications, by reducing disparities in learning outcomes affecting disadvantaged learners. One of the main focuses of the project is to create a ‘common foundation’ in social care training across the EU, so that all EU care services are based on UNCRPD principles and provided by staff that understand and follow these principles. 

The EMiSC project delivers support for the role of mentors in social care at entry level, with a formal curriculum and a mentor training course, a mentoring assessment tool and an exploration of ways of promoting formal recognition of such skills. Find more information about the project here.